Although many empires have come and gone, the Nerathi may have been the greatest empire ever known. It stretched across the land, bringing peace and prosperity to all under the rule of a succession of Emperors and the Council of Kings. I lasted almost exactly 1,000 years, and was at it’s height of greatness when the end came. The old Emperor, Lucius XI, had died and his young daughter, Dianne, was to become the next Empress. It was at her Coronation, attended by the Council of Kings and nearly all of Nerathi Leadership, that the end occured.

A blood-red comet, named the Chaos Hammer, gave a portent of doom every hundred years since it’s appearance shortly after the founding of the empire. On it’s tenth pass, a thousand years since it’s first sighting, the Chaos Hammer grew larger and larger in the sky until it finally fell to the surface. Called the Hammerfall, it slammed into the ground near the Nentir Vale causing destruction and heralding the beginning of the Red Night. A stream of baleful red light streamed up from where the Chaos Hammer fell, lighting the sky in a bloody glow over the entire empire.

Creatures of unknown origin appeared over the land, taking the Nerathi by surprise and quickly overwhelming their forces. Unable to recover or regroup, outposts and fortress quickly succumbed to the horde of insane creatures that appeared. The Imperial Palace seemed to implode, and nearly all the royalty of the land disappeared with it including the Empress-to-be and the Council of Kings. Armies of orcs, goblins, and other creatures, given warning by a cult of doomsayers that would become the Brotherhood of the Scar, rose up and attacked many different towns and cities. The Empresses and the Council of Kings were presumed destroyed with the burning of the palace in the Nerath capital. In a day and a night, the Nerathi Empire was fragmented and destroyed. The fell creatures that appeared disappeared as mysteriously, leaving behind the shattered remains of an empire that would never rebuild.

The Hammerfall created the Chaos Scar, a valley created by the crater made by the Hammer when it fell beyond the Ogerfist hills. It called to the blood of evil creatures and people, who flocked to make their homes in the area. A Dwarven Prince, xxx, quickly named himself King and successfully united and mobilized the remaining Nerathi forces nearby. He moved to contain the Scar, building a wall and a castle nearby with the help of many allies that survived the falling of the Empire. The Wall was a triumph for a year and a day, and the new king built Restwell Keep to support the troops along the wall. Yet, the Chaos Hammer still called, and a goblin army known at the Bloodspears, led by xxxx, a dreadful hobgoblin general overtook the outpost and the wall. They remained in power for a decade before abandoning the post when the general was killed by his ambitious subordinates who failed to keep the Bloodspears together.

Although the wall has fallen into disrepair, Restwell Keep saw a number of different inhabitants over the decades including a dragon and band of bandits known as the Blades. One Lord Drydale retook the keep to increase his holdings and eradicate the evil of the Chaos Scar once and for all.

Meanwhile, inside the Scar the Brotherhood of the Scar grows in power as they hatch unseen plans to unknown ends. Monsters and evil people continue to be drawn to the Scar by a power that seems intelligent, for unknown purposes.


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